Matthew Jones wrote:
> >so who else has had cool non-IT jobs in the past?
> I walways had crappy non-IT jobs. The absolute worst was when I went to work
> in a plastics factory. As new boy, it fell to me to make sure that all the
> waste plastic was disposed of as efficiently as possible.

I worked as a handy man and barman for a sort of restaurant/bar/shop
complex in germany (like the Lassiters complex in Neighbours but without
the class). I got in at 8am and swept for an hour and a half and then
had to do things like clean the windows with washing up liquid and
kitchen towel. Then I had to clean the vans with tea towels and washing
up liquid. And no hose. In the time it took me it would ahve been far
more efficent to just drive it to the car wash. But by far the worst job
was cleaning out the grease traps in the kitchen which were big, heavy
and full and had to be carried down a long corridor (usually spilling a
fair whack over myself and the floor) and then taken outside and poured
into canisters (with no funnel, I improvised using newspaper) again
spilling copious quantities over myself and the floor. Then I had to
clean up all the oil that was lying around. I got home at 2pm and then
at 6:30 I went out again and worked as the barman until midnight/1am.
The clientele was mostly pissed squaddies. 

For this work I got the princley sum of 8 Marks an hour. Or 2 pounds 30.
However pints were 1 mar (about 3o p) each so I worked out that since I
could buy 8 pints an hour that was the equivalent of 16 quid which kept
me (sort of) sane. Mostly.

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