On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Jonathan Peterson wrote:

> > > If you're prepared to consider locations a little out of
> > central London
> > > there are lots of large hotels around Heathrow that have
> > sizeable conference
> > > type facilities (also handy for the airport!).
> >
> > FWIW, I know my mother has booked some largish meetings outside of
> > London.  Of course, I don't remember offhand how large, or, for that
> > matter, what kind of numbers you're looking at.
> Go to Brighton. It's nicer than London, on the sea, easy to get to from
> Gatwick, and has more pubs per head of population than any other town in
> Britain (I think, or maybe it was more pubs per square mile). It has
> conference facilities for all sizes (although I've no idea how booked up
> they get). And it's 55 minutes from London by train.

And its handy for me.

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