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> > potential london clients will be put off dealing with a company not in london
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> I think Location in this day an age is a little irrelivant.  The choice
> will be made on quality of service - not where the office is based. 

... and all the clients will be logically thinking young people. with
no biases and no predefined stereotypes. they will make sure they pay
there bills on time and they will not be trying to fuck you from day 1.

unfortunatly any startup company that is not backed with serious capital
needs to accept almost every job it can get, and if it cant get most
of them due to some middleaged business man's discrimination against
it - due to the fact that the office is in brighton, or they don't
have an office or they don't wear suits or whatever, it won't survive.

i agree with you logically but i see a big difference in reality.

> The south coast has a very high number of nu media companies - and
> apparently Worthing is the most profitable town / area in the UK.

however, the major (only?) resource that this theoretical company has is
people and most of them are london based anyway so anywhere outside the
M25 is probably not going to leverage the main resource and the company
would be dead from day #1

however on a trivia note, i'd be willing to bet that _the_ city makes the most 
profit per area in the UK, but thats a trivia point

> It is often easier to get to some London Locations from Brighton than it
> is from London.
> > i was thinking about consultancies, and there are really two types and
> > two types of person who want to be create each type. and those two types
> > can be summarised as the two Steves, the question is what are people trying
> > to do - create a Jobs or a Wozniak consultancy?
> You've lost me there ?

ok, ignoring the other figures and concetrating on the two steves ...

        Woz was an A class engineer and C/D class business guy 
        Jobs was a B class engineer but also a B class business guy
         and marketeer (bullshitter)

if they seperatly formed companys Woz would create the most technically
brilliant corporatopia (i just made that up ;-) ), Jobs would make the
most money - i'm certainly arguing in this ``debate'' (although that
implies too much conflict) that job's way is best others may feel woz's
way is best


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