* at 22/01 16:22 +0000 Simon Wistow said:
> Andy Wardley wrote:
> > So without wishing to start another holy war, is it possible to change
> > the mailing list configuration to have a more sensible default Reply-to?
> <rant>
> I have arguments with Leon about this. He usually quotes 'Reply To
> munging considered harmful'
> (http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html) but as I keep trying to
> point out to him this document is bollocks.
> The main statemests it makes are ...
> 2) It provides no benefit to the user of a reasonable mailer. 
> What mailer? I use Netscape which amkes it a pain in the arse. But
> Netscape isn't a decent mailer you'll say. Ok. Pine. Pine has, IIRC a
> Reply and a 'Reply To All' capability. I believe Mutt is the same? How
> does non munging help here?  

actually mutt has cool mailing list functions in that you can define a
mailing list  in the config and then l (or L, i forget) replies to the
list rather than the person.

not that i want this to degenerate into a mail client holy war :)


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