Grep ignored with :
> Si wibbled at grep :
> > No. When you reply-all it replies to the sender *AND* the list. So the
> > sender gets two copies of everything. Which is just fricking irritating
> > *AND* a waste of bandwidth.
> la la la la *has hands over ears* i cant here you, la la la la

Worse than this, the person who you are replying to tends to get their
copy not via the list.  With a slow list server it means the sender gets a
copy *way* before the rest of the group.  This tends to lead to
'tit-for-tat' type discussions that are simply 'broadcast' to the list as
the rest of the list don't even have a hope of keeping up and jumping in -
they're still getting the original message when another six or so have
been sent.  This defeats the whole point of the the list.



print "\n",map{my$a="\n"if(length$_>6);' 'x(36-length($_)/2)."$_\n$a"} (
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