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> Surely part of the reason that so much bad code gains so much popularity
> is that bad coders tend to think their code is good, so don't mind
> publicising it and shouting about it lots. Good coders, on the other hand,
> think that their code is always bad, so are reluctant to do much with it.
> But their "bad" is usually much better than others "good" ...

This is very true.

Also code beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is subjective.  

Also badly written code can be "good" in the sense of being useful.

We, as programmers, mean internal design when we say "good" whereas
users refer to software as "good" because it has a simple UI, is
useful and solves some problems without creating many new ones.

Of course good internal design probably tends to correspond to a
certain extent to good software, since it should be easier to extend
when new features are required and should be less buggy.

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