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> This is what I think they would need to learn:
>  a) Get hit over the head a bit with my, local, strict, good programming
>     practices.  Maybe a quick refresher on how arrays, hashes and suchlike
>     really work.  (In terms of passing between subroutines and stuff, how
>     doing this 'casts' one into the other, the difference between array 
>     and scalar context.)  Maybe a quick refresher on references.
>     They should know all of this already, but I'd like a course to make
>     *sure* they do, if you see what I mean
>  b) This is how to get objects from CPAN, these are a few critical classes
>     that you need to know about.  E.g. this is Data::Dumper, it's fscking
>     useful.  LWP::Simple is your friend.  Etc, etc.  Something of a quick
>     tour.
>  c) Get to grips with writing decent objects.  E.g. this is how bless
>     works, etc, etc.  This is what OO is about, how @ISA works, etc.  With
>     examples that are relevant.

d) Debugging

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