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Mark Fowler wrote:

>  I'd like a course to make *sure* they do

but courses aside, books are still good. In particular, the Andrew L Johnson
book ("Elements of Programming with Perl", as rec'd by davorg) is really
handy when it comes to being:

> a) [...] hit over the head a bit with my, local, strict, good programming
> practices.  Maybe a quick refresher on how arrays, hashes and suchlike
> really work.  (In terms of passing between subroutines and stuff, how
> doing this 'casts' one into the other, the difference between array
> and scalar context.)  Maybe a quick refresher on references.

It has lots of nice diagrams and lucid explanations of all these concepts.

And hey, you've got to love a book that says things like, "Perl solves this
problem in a very relaxed manner".

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