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> On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 01:10:00PM +0100, Aaron Trevena wrote:
> > Plain and simply I don't think java is the right technology for
> > e-commerce, plain and simple.
> Why not?
> Can Perl do distributed database transactions? 

probably .. simple multi threaded app, fork a few child processes,
establish the odd DBI connection, execute a query each return when the
last child is reaped ... 100 lines?

> Can you write stored procedures in Perl? For Oracle?

i thought (but have never tried) thats what OraPerl did ..

 (<-- the database most often used in > e-commerce.) 

is it? ... sure you don't mean 'the database used by most large
corporates for e-commerce' ? I know nothing about the spread of spend
between the large coprporations and the small 5 dollar outfits .. but
theres a hell of a lot of small guys out there, running MySQL and
postgres ... maybe in spend oracle wins, but in sheer numbers of
transaction the other 2 proabably have the upper hand

> Are Perl's threads stable? And its libraries entirely threadsafe?

are Javas? <hint: do not mention java threading and cross platform
compatability to my colleague as his hair is thin enough already>

> Does Perl even directly support threading at the language level?

nope .. but do you need to? why do you need threads to do
point-click-buy? sure you can use threads to advantage in some
situations, but they are not essential by any means ...  

> Can you trivially embed a perl network application in a browser?

no .. but its not trivial in Java either .. a random small app on a demo
CD is a world away from a real live multi platform Java app on the net ..
my colleague has been working on getting a multiclient network app up to
run consistently on ie 4/5 netscape 4/4.7 windoze and mac for the last 6
months or so ... I agreee that Javas portability of classes between
server and client is an amazing thing .. but its not trouble free, or
guaranteed as the blurb would have you believe.

> Java's favour is not *entirely* due to massive marketing pimpery.

no .. it _does_ have its strong points .. I wouldn't have even
bought a  book if i thought it was really bad .. but it just seems to
make some things so hard to do.  Mybe its just me being crap. I'd be
intrested to set a good perl programmer and a Java guy head to head ..
get em to build an app to the same spec and see how long they took, and
then get them to extend it in some way and time that ..  

don't get me wrong .. I'm not just Java bashing .. but really, the hype
it gets would have you believe its all tings to all men .. in reallity
its got good points, but some big holes too ... 

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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