On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 08:51:10PM +0100, Robin Houston wrote:
> I think that's what Paul was talking about. He can correct me
> if I'm wrong :-)

Exactly what I meant :-) And Java's a whole lot better for this than
COBOL, C, and other things that make you go "blech".

J2EE is horribly bloated but the stuff it does is, in some cases,
quite hard. And the big point is it does it today, which Perl doesn't
despite Perl's doubtless eventual capability.

You know, Perl's biggest problem is it being associated with slow
non-mod_perl CGI scripts. It's years old but I swear this assocation
will Never Die. As soon as you mention 'mod_perl' in defence people
glaze over as if converting a Jehovah's Witness to New Guinea

All it needs is to be tightly but flexibly integrated into
webserver(s), blessed with a completely new name and fronted by a flash
highly corporately sponsored web page... I secretly wish "Perl 6"
gets called "Something Else Completely" (no revision number for 1.0
'cos "1.0" means "barely beta" thanks to Apple, MS, etc).


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