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> On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 09:26:38PM +0100, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> > (my pseudo-transaction scheme for MySQL is basically : .. do this and
> > return a closure to undo it if I to .. bung the closures in an array ..
> > if something screws up then back it all off by walking along the array
> > and executing the closures ... its not rocket science but it works ..
> > sort of .. I used it for doing multiple inserts into a spread of tables
> I did something similar.  It worked too, until not only did an insert
> fail, but when I was backing out, a delete failed too.  There was much
> head-scratching.  A week later, the hard disk died and the head-scratching
> stopped.

;)) .. 

> Unfortunately, if you implement this sort of thing, mysql loses it's only
> advantage over other databases - speed.  But I wasn't allowed to upgrade
> to (eg) postgresql for silly reasons which I forget now.

well .. since in most web based uses of MySQL the 99% of queries are
simple 'select * from blah where something=something_else' .. the
speed is all you need .. every now and again there is reason to add a
user or, very occasionally, someone buys something .. and those bits have
the pseudo-transactions in .. yeah .. its slow, but I'd ratehr have that
bit slow and the rest lightning quick than pretyy much anything else ...

Robin Szemeti

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