On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Dave Cross wrote:

> You're right, the referencing is a bit screwed up. I'll take a look at
> it today.

Your webmail CC is screwed up too.  On my mails there's now new line after
the Cc: so I get a line that says 

Cc: X-Mailer: foo 

which my mail client (PINE) wants to reply to...



print "\n",map{my$a="\n"if(length$_>6);' 'x(36-length($_)/2)."$_\n$a"} (
   Name  => 'Mark Fowler',        Title => 'Technology Developer'      ,
   Firm  => 'Profero Ltd',        Web   => 'http://www.profero.com/'   ,
   Email => '[EMAIL PROTECTED]',   Phone => '+44 (0) 20 7700 9960'      )

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