many accurate points but what you have to bear in mind is that the
higher the project value the more warped the mindset of decision
makers becomes - for example:

a) have i read about Perl / mod_perl in Management Today, no 

b) have i read about Java/ Open Market / IBM Ariba , yes

c) do i want to get sacked because i chose the wrong technologies (ie ones
which my bosses have never heard of)? no ....

d) do i perceive that these skills do not exist in the labour market? look
at the number of perl recruitment ads then compare it to the number of
java ads.

you've heard the adage "noone was ever sacked for hiring ibm" - i think
we're moving towards s/IBM/Java/


ps the big killer is that there is no large corporate generating tons of
noise about Perl - whereas this is not the case for Java.

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, alex wrote:
> > 
> > easier said than done - it's a lot easier to hire good people than
> > convince clients that perl is the way forward - i may be wrong but i think
> > there are less and less big Perl projects out there available to perl
> > consultancies.  once you get to a particular price bracket (necessary to
> > afford and retain uber perl hackers) people start wanting to hear the
> > corporate technology buzzwords - j2ee, open market, bea, sap, siebel etc
> This does appear to be true, mind you many companies are recruiting perl
> developers for themselves. This is healthy. I think a lot of companies see
> j2ee, weblogic, etc as 'safe' despite quite catastrophic failures and the
> high cost (the price of a consultant or contractor for any of these buzz
> technologies is 2 or 3 times the price for less trendy technologies).
> I think java is likely to be associated with a load of spectacular
> failures. I don't think any project has failed because of cost or flaws in
> perl, and major companies are migrating towards perl and oss in
> general. many vendors like weblogic are claiming sites liek amazon use
> technology when they have migrated to perl.
> perhaps its time to beat these vendors at their own game with a list of
> their clients who have migrated.
> A.

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