> *burble*! It is reasonable to have this property, yes, but then what do
> you put in the host part of the SOA record for the zones served by this.
> The entry there should be the master server for the zone. The other case
> that you might want this is for a resolver, however again, the small
> amount of work involved in assigning a name for the machine in question
> suggests that you get no added benefit by *not* doing so.

Okay, but if I'm investigating a DNS issue, I don't want to be
sidetracked by reverse DNS lookups.   I'm trying to figure out what is
wrong with the nameservice, and nslookup is just hanging while it
waits for the answer to a question I didn't ask?  Annoying.

Somone alters /etc/resolv.conf on a box and nslookup stops working?

Most machines will have a name in the forward DNS, but not everyone
manages to keep in-addr.arpa up to date (1).  It makes no difference
in nomal operation, so there is no earthly reason for nslookup to
insist upon it.

Of course, *real* men would be doing a `perl -MNet::DNS -e ...'

Steve Keay

1) ever tried to get a US ISP to configure reverse DNS for a /25?

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