Robin Szemeti wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, you wrote:

Hey, check your attributions -- "you" is not very useful when you're sending
stuff to a mailing list :)

> > or nslookup will have to be smart enough[1] to translate
> > "randomkanji" to "bq--buffy" before asking the resolver
> > library.
> err [1] unlikely to happen because its deprecated as of 
> BIND-tools version 9.1

nslookup deprecated? Rats.

> you are apparently supposed to use dig or host .. my feeling is that
> nslookup is too easy to use and useful so they decided to 
> deprecate it to make it harder for non BIND gurus to be able to
> tell wahts going on ...

Yes, it's useful. I like nslookup. (Plus I feel that dig is pretty verbose,
but maybe there's a flag to control that that I've been too lazy to look

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