Robin Szemeti wrote on Sunday, April 01, 2001 3:29 PM
> > I'm assuming you already have a basestation. If not, you'll 
> probably be wanting
> > one of those too. I can personally recommend the Apple 
> Airport basestation
> yes .. I'd heard Airport was good ..  can you still configuer 
> it if you
> don't have an apple to talk to it with? indeed is there any 
> configuration
> to do .. or is it jusrt a plain ethernet bridge?

I use the Apple airport and a Farallon Skyline 11mb pcmcia card - the
Airport is connected to a Linksys router (A great piece of kit) into my DSL
modem (It's the DSL bit that's shit). Configuring the Apple Airport isn't
too hard - there are a number of custom made configurators out there, some
VB, some Java (just do a web search) - If I recall there's hardly anything
you need to do. There's also one with the Farallon card.


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