On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> On Tue 10 Apr, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> > and .. should I ever find any of the Lucent/Orinoco/Agere Wavelan cards
> > I'll buy them in a Flash(tm) .. neither freebsd services or your mates in
> > Norwich have any .. infact no one does :( ...
> http://www.expansys.com/category.asp?cat=WIREL claim delivery 3 days,
> but whether they are what you want or how their prices compare I have no idea.
> (Cheap & efficient when I bought my Psion netBook some time ago.)

well I am way beyond the bothering about cheapness stage .. I just want
one (or two even, and an ISA card ..) :)

I'll phone em in the morning ...


Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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