On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 07:29:56PM +0000, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> my current plan of attack is probably 2 lucent/orinoco wavelan 128/RC4
> cards .. one in the laptop .. one in the border router machine on an ISA
> adaptor .. one guy I spoke to reckoned it would work .. another reckoned
> I was an idjut (well we knew _that_ already ..) and you had to have a
> 'access point' not just two wavelan cards .. dunno which to believe as
> half the access points just have a wavelan card in them anyway ... I do
> know that they are piss expensive over here .. might wait till I go to
> the states ... 
Better late than never, check out 
which looks like exactly what you want to achieve.

Got this link from the Bay Area Wireless User Group pages 
(http://www.bawug.org) which also look like quite a cool resource.

The perl script to do stuff with wireless scanning and GPS had me salivating
:-) Time to buy an eTrek I think.

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