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> Right, well there's the difference then. I'm 29 this year and I was schooled
> during the seventies. Was anyone else of a similar age *not* taught proper
> punctuation and grammar at school? Back in those days, teachers actually
> taught you, as opposed to writing long essays to justify performance-related
> bonuses, or running around like headless chickens to prepare for OFSTED
> visits.


I am 35 this year and was never taught grammer at all, although I was
probably taught in quite a "progressive" manner for the time.  In
hindsight it was probably quite bad as well.

I remember arguing with a teacher who told us gravity was caused by
the Earth spinning round who refused to accept that the child she was
teaching actually knew more about it than her.

The only grammer I was taught at school was when I did foreign
languages much later.

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