* Simon Wistow ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Hey! I resemble that remark. I got send from school for a day after
> > being 'impolite to the teacher' when I refused (loudly) to accept his
> > version of the first moonlanding where Aldrin got out first.
> Had large arguments with English teacher about Shylock in Merchant of
> Venice. I was extremley critical of the way he was treated by the
> Christians and refused to write essays them in a positive light.
> (Un)Fortunatley I was a boarder whose parents lived in Germany so they
> couldn't really send me home.

I was a cheeky brat as a child,

  I remember having an argument once with a teacher, whose comeback
  was - well if you don't study harder what sort of job to you hope
  to get? my reply was - well if the worst comes to the worst i 
  might end up teacher.

  Another teacher caught me talking in class, when she asked who 
  I was talking to, i told her my imaginary friend, she then attempted
  to take me on in a battle of wits - whats is your imaginary friends 
  name? Little Jimmy Sham, don't you think your a bit old to have
  an imaginary friend? Litte Jimmy Sham says your never too old, etc.

  Then there was the time I grabbed a role of magnesium ribbon in
  a dish clothe and lit it - subtly or so i hoped, its amazing
  how hard it is to disguise the fact you just set fire to a 
  roll of magnesium ribbon.

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