Hi guys,

Have any of you worked with SQueaLServer with a large DB (multiple terabyte 
level), serving high volume transactions (read & write, of the order of 
millions of records a day). What sort of performance did you get? What was 
the hardware? Was it reliable?

I'm working for a telecoms company that is considering a proposal to move 
its billing system from Oracle on Solaris, to SQueaLServer & NT. It's a 
decision that is coming from management (where else?), and I'm trying to 
find out if it's as ludicrous as it sounds.

My gut reaction is that it's still too warm in hell to consider this, but 
maybe I'm just showing my diehard support for *nix, and my desire to see the 
demise of the Evil Empire.

Any tales of first-hand experience (or old wive's tales) would be 

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