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> Well here are some reasons why i prefer UNIX to Windows * for servers,

I'm going to play devils advocate. I've been using Win2k for the last four
months and have a basic grasp of it. Its difficult because i agree with a
lot of your comments.

> * MSDN
>   Ok, I've just checked and it appears that more information is now
>   available on the web for free, but it wasn't like this a while ago.

No it wasn't, Microsoft are learning. Its taking a bloody long time but
they are learning.
>   There is entirely to much DLL upgrading for my liking at every possible
>   chance with Windows software/service pack. I don't believe that this can
>   really lead to a stable system.

Win2k address a lot of these issues with its dll and system file control 
programs. If you change a dll that's needed and the replacement dll
doesn't work then the change gets tagged as a failure and rolled back by
the system. It seems to work reasonably well, we've had no major dll screw
>   I want the servers to look different from the desktops, I don't want

Er... I have a Linux box on my desk and we use a number of Win2k servers...
mine does look different ;)

> * No compiler
>   Why can't there be a compiler? Please just a simple one, so that if
>   i want to write some little program for myself I can do it there and
>   then. Its not that much to ask, it would just mean that when you get
>   a fresh windows box you dont have to go and waste time installing
>   additional software, and there are other examples of this ...

(You said this is about servers) 
Compilers on servers are a bad idea both from the security perspective
and from a stability angle. I don't care how good a coder you are, your
not writing code on the server. In a real production environment you need to
test it and do change control. I have an issue with this since i got a
phone call at 3am this morning after someone did just this.

I only leave an interpreter on servers for my own convenience and even then
i shouldn't. Of course if your server runs an interpreted language then yes
you need it :)

>       Editor
Wordpad :)

>       Scripting language
Windows scripting host can be installed when Win2k is. It handles jscript,
vbs and can do perl python and rexx. You also have batch which is starting
to become impressive on its own.

>       Cron
The at command or the task scheduler.

> * Final reason (for now)
>   I don't trust them. 


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