>At the end of the day, the simple fact is that Windows 2000 crashes more
>frequently than *n[ui]x does -- this surely is unquestioned fact.

I just questioned it. Win2k appears to be a very nice OS, although I've 
never used it at the server end. It may have all sorts of scalability 
issues and general crapnesses but I've not seen any evidence that it (or NT 
4 for that matter) crashed more than Unix. There appear to be near infinite 
numbers of people who will testify that they worked in some huge IT place 
and all the NT servers were rebooted daily and all the nix machines had 
been running since 1988 with no reboots. There are just as many people who 
will say that they worked in similar environments where both systems hardly 
ever needed to be rebooted. I've known banks (GS) where solaris machines 
were rebooted daily or weekly.

As for my very limited experience, neither Solaris nor NT crash during 
normal use as server platforms. I've known NT screw up during some hardware 
installs and some application installs. But then I've known Solaris do the 
same for some application installs.

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