This question is also tied to the goal of shortening overall system boot
time for Ubuntu, so I think there is both active work in that area which
may help address this already, and whatever is separately learned here
may well apply to the rest of Ubuntu as well.

Ed Hewitt wrote:
> Apart from choosing the right applications for the distro, the other
> thing we need to think about is background services. Xubuntu major
> problems is the amount of background services it has. On a standard
> install of Xubuntu, there is about 90 processes when you boot to the
> desktop for the first time, in Ubuntu there is 103. On my install of
> Ubuntu minimal + LXDE there is 85. It seems quite high compared to
> Windows XP which is around 20 to 25 and Windows Vista which is around 40.
> There is a problem here which i believe we need to address. I try and
> solve the problem by installing BUM and using the services manager in
> Ubuntu, but you can only turn on/off about 15-20 services. We need to
> look into the core of Ubuntu and see what services are necessary and
> which ones we can remove. I am guessing there are some server services
> which come with ubuntu minimal which we could remove, since they will be
> not necessary for a desktop experience.
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