For that money, I'd buy a Lute consort...

I don't see any advantage...

On 25.03.20 11:40, Jurgen Frenz wrote:
I read about the process to make such an instrument - from memory the two 
slices are glued together under vacuum, to me it sounds like quite a costly 
process. The guitars made by the inventor of this technology Matthias Dammann 
cost 15 000 € a pop.


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On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 2:04 AM, Mark Probert <> wrote:

John wrote:

Question is, has this been tried on a lute? Are there any
luthiers interested in trying?
Interesting technology. As applied to a lute? Not so sure.
I suspect someone will but most won't as there is not really
any advantage and much disadvantage (the lamination process
for starters, workin with nomex or similar, etc.).

The problem this construction "fixes" is loudness. While there
may be occassions when a lute is too soft, making up for it with
an overly stiff soundboard would, I suspect, take away much of
what makes a lute sound the way it does.

Consider the following article for more

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.. mark.

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