That is a serious concern. Repairability of the top is something that
   is probably very limited, although the rest of the construction and
   bracing is fairly conventional. My luthier gave me a 10 year written
   warranty, although with me being nearly 71 and corona virus all around,
   the big question is will I have sufficient longevity.

   A. John Mardinly, Ph.D., P.E.
   Classical Guitarist/Lutenist

   On Mar 25, 2020, at 5:43 PM,
   [1] wrote:

     My concern with a double top is longevity: How will that top hold up
     50, 100, 150 years from now? Any structure built up from layers glued
     together, and subject to vibration, will presumably come apart,
     eventually. What will look like in a double top? Loose Braces,
     bridges are usually relatively easy to repair on a solid top guitar,
     but will structural failure on a double top destroy the instrument?
     do these epoxies hold up over time? Do they become more brittle?
     I've had too many instruments in need of significant repair, but I am
     concerned about how these double tops will fare with decades of use.
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