On Tuesday, 6 March 2018 10:52:35 PM AEDT Andrew Greig via luv-main wrote:
> Sorry about that digression.  So is there a platform that handles RAID
> really well? I went to OpenSuse for mapping. But now photography is my
> main work, so maybe I should be looking at installing the distro which
> is preferrred by developers of the GIMP and also Darktable.

If you want to have root on a ZFS RAID then Ubuntu is likely to be the best 
option.  But I recommend not doing that, it's more pain than you want IMHO.

> I just can't afford to fiddle for two weeks to get a result. And the
> OpenSuse and Ubuntu fora have freaked me out, somewhat.

Setup a mdadm RAID-1 for /boot (and root in the case of ZFS) and then use ZFS 
or BTRFS for the rest.

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