On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 08:22:45PM +1100, Mark Trickett wrote:
> > http://blog.taz.net.au/2018/03/07/brawndo-installer/
> I know and relate to your pet peeve. Red Hat have done a lot, but I
> shifted to Debian because of the package management, particularly
> handling dependencies. They all have a lot of similarities, but the
> detail differences can be a trap at times.

redhat isn't the problem.  I obviously prefer debian, but rpm is a good
package management tool too.

the problem is idiot devs who think that package management is a problem or,
worse, are hostile to the idea of package management...or even to the idea
that their glorious software might need to co-exist on a system with other
programs without fucking them up.


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