On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 11:48:05PM +1100, Paul Dwerryhouse wrote:
> Yup, me too. It gets worse, many of the build systems seem to go out of
> their way to make it difficult to package things; attempting to package
> anything that needs Maven or Gradle to build it is bordering on futile
> because of their irritating habit of downloading libraries while building.

yep. and every time there's a new npm-related disaster, i keep expecting that
maybe web devs will realise that npm is a fundamentally flawed model for
software distribution.

nope.  that is not the world we live in.

> Never mind that the hodge-podge deployment system was a buggy piece of crap
> and, if we'd switched to rpms, replacing it would have been three lines of
> puppet:
> package { "software_name":
>   ensure => installed
> }

but that would just put annoying obstacles in their way when they need to
deploy direct to production.

> Fscking gem files: sometime, in the last fifteen years, I unpacked a gem (I
> think it was selenium-related), intending to figure out how to make a deb of
> it, and I found a full win32 binary of Firefox inside it. WTF.

what, no chrome?


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