On 09/18/2016 12:18 PM, Pietro Cortese wrote:
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for some reason I'm not receiving e-mails from you and I didn't see the
screehsot. I had left the scaling to 150% in the example. However even
with 100% the result is not very easy to read.
The result seems to be independent on the fact that I put
"convert $$i $$o" or "convert -density 300 -units pixelsperinc $$i $$o"
in the eps to png conversion. I have the impression that convert is not
called. I renamed /usr/bin/convert to /usr/bin/convert-no and the
picture is loaded anyway.

Did you deselect the "Enabled" box for Converter File Cache? If it is enabled, LyX will grab the image from the cache without calling convert (or any other converter).

Assuming that caching is turned off and that LyX is still not calling convert, perhaps it is using something other route to convert the EPS file to a screen representation (which will presumably be some sort of raster graphics image, not vector graphics). If you run with the -debug graphics option and caching turned off, does the output identify an EPS-to-something-else conversion step?


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