Am Sonntag, 18. September 2016 um 10:39:44, schrieb Paul A. Rubin 
> On 09/18/2016 09:03 AM, Pietro Cortese wrote:
> > Dear Scott,
> >
> > I send you an example that on my system (Centos 7) shows the problem.
> >
> > newfile2.pdf is included bt newfile1.lyx and the text displays correctly
> > in the output but on my system does not display well in lyx.
> > Best regards,
> > Pietro
> Pietro,
> I get about what Scott gets (possibly because I'm on Mint, which is 
> derived from Ubuntu).
> On my system, the conversion process for the image is PDF -> EPS -> PNG. 
> That last step takes you from vector fonts to an image. I notice your 
> document is displaying the image at 150% of original size, which is 
> going to introduce some blurring.
> You might try the following experiment. Close the document if it is 
> open, go to Tools -> Preferences ... -> File Handling -> Converters, and 
> find the EPS -> PNG entry (which is likely to be "convert $$i $$o"). 
> Assuming your entry matches mine, uncheck the "Enabled" box for 
> Converter File Cache (otherwise you'll just be looking at a cached copy 
> of the image, no matter what you do), then change the converter entry to 
> "convert -density 300 -units pixelsperinch $$i $$o" and click Modify 
> followed by Apply. Close the dialog, reopen the document, and fix the 
> display size of the image (it likely will have gotten bigger -- I had to 
> go from 150% to 50%). See if that improves readability.
> Paul

Your recipe, works very nice :)


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