On 10/18/2016 03:44 PM, Guillaume Munch wrote:
> Le 15/10/2016 à 11:39, racoon a écrit :
>> Typing within the master's work area is slow on my computer (while it is
>> fine in 2.2.2 and 2.1.5). Maybe this just has to do with some debugging
>> running in the background or so?
> Profiling shows that calls to BufferParams::isExportableFormat
> are numerous and expensive when doing char-forward (33% of the total
> amount of CPU). This is called from GuiView::updateToolbars ->
> GuiView::getStatus. There is room for improvement, but this is not new
> behaviour apparently.

Yes, I've been meaning for a while to implement a simple cache here, but
just haven't had time. That would help a lot.

> I also found that calls to TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts are
> expensive and repeatedb. This amounts to 31% of the total amount of CPU,
> shared between QTabWidget::setTabText and QTabWidget::setTabIcon.
> TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts is connected to the signal
> GuiWorkArea::titleChanged.

Could we here have some flag that told us whether anything has changed?


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