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On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 10:55:49PM +0200, jeanpierre.chret...@free.fr wrote:

When I'm ready, I will post how I plan to perform the changes.

Sounds good! Thanks for taking care of it.

While preparing for this task, I ran

ctest -R export

on master, I get this:

88% tests passed, 669 tests failed out of 5553

Does this sound correct? I have TL2016 with all language collections and fonts installed.

Now to come to the change of the default setting of the maths packages, here is what I find by exploring the doc, examples and templates directories for option 0 (do not load) which I intend to change to option 1 (autoload). I won't touch the files with option 2 (always load). This is performed on branch.

I ran

$ find lib/doc lib/examples lib/templates -name '*.lyx' -exec grep -l \ '\\use_package XXXX 0' {} \; >/tmp/list_XXXX.txt

for each XXXX in the ten possible packages, from amsmath to undertilde.

I get this:

$ wc /tmp/list_*.txt
  124   124  3603 /tmp/list_amsmath.txt
  125   125  3634 /tmp/list_amssymb.txt
  333   333  9881 /tmp/list_cancel.txt
  202   202  5788 /tmp/list_esint.txt
    9     9   276 /tmp/list_mathdots.txt
  316   316  9427 /tmp/list_mathtools.txt
   10    10   321 /tmp/list_mhchem.txt
  333   333  9881 /tmp/list_stackrel.txt
  326   326  9674 /tmp/list_stmaryrd.txt
  323   323  9599 /tmp/list_undertilde.txt

stackrel or cancel contains all the 333 concerned files, as I can test like 

$ cat /tmp/list_*.txt |sort -u >/tmp/list_notloaded.txt
$ wc /tmp/list_notloaded.txt
 333  333 9881 /tmp/list_notloaded.txt

Among these files 13 are in attics, I guess I can remove them:

$ grep attic /tmp/list_notloaded.txt

There remains 320 files on which I intend to perform these tasks:
 * run ctest on export
 * substitute  \use_package XXXX 0 by \use_package XXXX 1
 * run ctest on export again
 * check for any change.

Now to perform ctest on the files, I think that the simplest way is to temporarily stash the files in doc, examples and templates which are not among the 320 files and in autotests/export and run ctest -R export.
I should only test the 320 files then.

Any further idea ? In particular, should I run ctest with other options than 


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