On 03/11/2018 04:52 PM, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
> Am 11.03.2018 um 18:12 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:
>> I think that's what we're doing. The basic disagreement we have is that
>> I think adding a dialog will bring more benefit than harm.
> And I made clear why I am opposed to this.
> In the end it costs my spare time if something does not work. Users
> will contact me in this case. Therefore I focus on average users. 

That is a serious mistake: to focus on "average users". But it has
clearly become pointless to discuss this any longer.

If users are contacting YOU because of issues with the installer, then
that is the problem, as others have already said.

I do not know how we should resolve this matter now. But, longer term,
we need someone to create a Windows installer that JUST installs LyX,
much the way the OSX installer does. As JMarc said, users on OSX seem to
manage to install a LaTeX distribution, etc, independently. Surely
Windows users can manage to do the same.

It has become a serious problem the extent to which *MiKTeX* bugs now
delay LyX releases, require updated installers (two or three for every
minor version), and the like. And the problems of 'average users', so
far as I can see, are almost all due to tight integration with MiKTeX.
It is far from clear to me why we actively promote, and almost require,
on Windows, the use of a LaTeX distribution that is so unstable that
simply reconfiguring LyX can (apparently) break it.

LyX was never meant to be so closely integrated with a particular LaTeX
distribution, and it was a mistake to make it so. I understand the
desire to offer a simpler installation process that gives the user a
fully functional LyX installation (though, since no such thing is
offered on any other platform, I'm a bit skeptical about how essential
this really is). But, at the very least, if we are going to 'integrate'
some LaTeX distribution into an offical LyX product, then we should make
it one that is stable: the LaTeX equivalent of an Ubuntu LTS release,
that cannot so easily be broken.


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