On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 04:34:49PM +0000, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
> Am 11.03.2018 um 05:08 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:
> > > So there are already 3 possible workarounds for experienced users in the 
> > > LyX
> > > installer and these options are all translated.
> > 
> > That behavior sounds good. My concern though is that even experienced
> > users will not guess that LyX will update MiKTeX. Once they realize, it
> > may be too late.
> Can we please focus on the basics?

I think that's what we're doing. The basic disagreement we have is that
I think adding a dialog will bring more benefit than harm. You disagree.
This is the basic disagreement we must focus on. From this disagreement,
everything else follows. The only decision we need to make as a group is
whether to provide this extra dialog or not.

> Maybe less than 1 per 1000 users might
> forbid a MiKTeX update and thus stop the installation of LyX because they
> think it could maybe make problem.

Even if the user chooses to continue the installation, there is still a
benefit of the dialog in that they are more aware that MiKTeX was
updated and in fact they chose for it to happen.

> Therefore I won't bother the other 999
> users with a dialog from which maybe 500 users don't understand what is
> meant by the dialog (unknown words/concept and only in English).

I think we need to write the dialog carefully. How about the following

If you continue with the installation, LyX will update your MiKTeX LaTeX

[continue]  [cancel]

We could perhaps have a "more button" with more details for those who
are interested.

> Experienced user have already 3 methods to avoid any MiKTeX update and get
> LyX (for the costs that LyX might not be work). So as they are experts, they
> know what to do. The installer give power users already this freedom.

I'm not only worried about experienced users. There are many people who
use LaTeX outside of LyX. Some of those have very little knowledge of
what a LaTeX packaging system does, and some have little knowledge of
Windows. Just because someone uses LaTeX outside of LyX does not make
them a power computer user.

> Please try the installer on your own to see what is possible in what
> installation state.

I'm not doubting the 3 methods you've mentioned. As I already stated, I
think that is good those options are available.


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