Pierre-Henri Boinnard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

| > [E:\]rlog D:\exchange\BibTeX_Notizen.lyx
| > 
| > RCS file: D:\exchange\RCS/BibTeX_Notizen.lyx
| This may be the problem, LyX is looking for either
| D:\exchange\BibTeX_Notizen.lyx,v or
| D:\exchange\RCS/BibTeX_Notizen.lyx,v to know if the file has been
| registered on RCS.

What are the equivalent files named with RCS on OS/2?

foobar.lyx,v      -> ???
RCS/foobar.lyx,v  -> RCS/foobar.lyx

| On my linux machine, with RCS version 5.7, the option -x handle those
| extension rules, and it can be added to the RCSINIT environment
| variable to modify rcs behaviour. (see 'man ci' for details)
| I know nothing about OS2, but if its filesystem supports the comma
| character in filenames, you may try adding "-x,v/" to your RCSINIT
| environment variable (and rename your existing RCS/* to RCS/*,v). 
| If you can't do that, you may try apply the patch I enclosed and
| rebuild LyX. I tested it OK on my machine. It engages only me, and you
| :)

I will probably included this patch (or something very similar) +
possibly add support for the RCSINIT environmant variable.

What system are you running on?


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