On 22 May 1999 20:40:29 +0200, Lars Gullik Bj°nnes wrote:

>What are the equivalent files named with RCS on OS/2?
>foobar.lyx,v      -> ???
>RCS/foobar.lyx,v  -> RCS/foobar.lyx

As I already mailed to Pierre-Henri who so kindly helped me, I included the proper 
option (-x,v/) into the definition of the environment variable RCSINIT in my 
CONFIG.SYS (which configures OS/2), and my problem was solved.

>I will probably included this patch (or something very similar) +
>possibly add support for the RCSINIT environmant variable.

I am mystified to read this since, as I explained above, RCSINIT seems already to be 
supported. OTOH, it could be that the effect I observed after adding RCSINIT came 
from the RCS. I would certainly be grateful for LyX support of RCSINIT, for any 
attempts on my behalf to define "-s" to substitute the standard "Exp" status with the 
more appropriate "Entwurf" (the German equivalent) failed.
Also, while we're at it, I should add that on my system, the equivalent LyX option of 
"rlog" (displaying the development of past versions) does not work. There are, 
however, a number of *.tmp files that get created in the working directory, and they 
contain the information that rlog would produce. It thus seems that this is a problem 
loading the information into a temporary buffer. The LyX dialogue box that results 
from using the option insists that there is no development history to be displayed.
I wonder whether this is a general problem or a specific one of the OS/2 version.

Many thanks for the quick help, and keep up the good work on this wonderful program,


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