On 22 May 1999, Lars Gullik Bjønnes wrote:
> What are the equivalent files named with RCS on OS/2?
> foobar.lyx,v      -> ???
> RCS/foobar.lyx,v  -> RCS/foobar.lyx

I saw on the file ftp://ftp.cs.purdue.edu/pub/RCS/README that the
*default* behaviour of all non unix RCS is to handle only
RCS/foobar.lyx .

> I will probably included this patch (or something very similar) +
> possibly add support for the RCSINIT environmant variable.

What about using the response of 'rlog -R <file>' to know if <file> is
already under RCS ? 

On unix, it outputs a message on stderr if it isn't, and only the
pathname of the RCS file on sdtout if it is. The return value is also
false or true depending on the result. I don't know if it is very
portable, but it would let RCS take care of $RCSINIT. If I knew more
than copy/past on C++ programming, I would have tried that :(

> What system are you running on?

phb@teufteuf:/home/phb> uname -a
Linux teufteuf 2.0.36 #1 Tue Oct 13 22:17:11 EDT 1998 i686 unknown 

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