On 07/31/2017 08:31 AM, Helge Hafting wrote:
> Den 27. juli 2017 19:48, skrev Richard Heck:
>> On 07/27/2017 11:52 AM, Roberto wrote:
>>> Hi Richard, thanks for bringing in your experience.
>>> If the tar.gz was something you can "mount" like a read-write DMG it
>>> would make sense to say that the archive does what I have in mind. As
>>> far as I know one can open DMG files and edit them and close them,
>>> effectively saving the content. The way it is now with tar.gz for me
>>> it is good only for archival purposes.
>> In theory, this could probably be done using fusefs on Linux, but that's
>> not a general solution, and we don't automatically add images, say, to
>> the archive when you add a picture.
> Isn't fusefs overkill?

Yes, I was suggesting it only as a temporary solution.

> LyX does its work in a temp folder anyway.
> To support working with a single file containing a folder with
> file.lyx and several figures, just have LyX unpack that archive to the
> temp folder. Let the user edit the document. Since all the graphichs
> are unpacked too, they can be edited with their appropriate external
> editors if needed. When the author saves, LyX recreates the archive
> file and overwrites the original. (LyX knows this is a all-in-one
> document, because it was opened as such.) When LyX is closed, the temp
> directory goes away as usual.
> This should give us:
> * Backward compatibility.
>   - Those preferring figures as separate files see no change.
>   - Existing documents works as always
> * Those wanting an archive can "save as archive" (not export, but save).
>  - Then they get an archive containing the document and all included
> stuff. (graphics, subdocuments, external insets).  The original
> graphics files etc. must be kept - they may be in use for other
> purposes too. But no longer in use by the now archived document - it
> has its own copies of everything.
>  - To reverse the process, someone who opened an archive may use
> "File->convert to separate files". This replaces the archive file with
> the folder containing separate files.

This is precisely what I had in mind.

> Seems that this approach would fulfil Roberts wish for
> user-friendliness, without ruining things for the single-files crowd.
> LyX could mostly work "as usual", with the archiving code mostly
> dealing with "open" and "save". And of course, every graphic the user
> adds to a document while in archive mode.
> There is the question of what to do about inclusion of a graphic that
> exist higher up in the directory tree. I believe the user-friendly way
> would be to copy such things into the archive folder - possibly in a
> subfolder. 

Enrico's LyX archiver already solves this problem...somehow. It doesn't
matter a tremendous amount how, since the user won't actually see the
structure here, unless they manually unpack it.


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