On Thu, 8 Feb 2018, Paul A. Rubin wrote:

I'm with Scott on this. I just checked a couple of .bib files from old
papers. One used "Journal = {...}" and the other used "journal = {...}".
I'm not sure why the capitalization was different, but I've never seen
"journaltitle = {...}".


  If I remember correctly, 'journaltitle' is used with biblatex and
'journal' _should_ be used with bibtex.

Assuming you've exported your bibliography to a .bib file, try doing a
global search and replace to change all instances of "journaltitle" to
"journal", then see if the document compiles correctly.

  JabRef has a function (enabled by clicking on an icon) that inserts the
selected reference in the LyX document where the cursor is positioned. No
human action required.

  The frustrating point is that this is the only reference with this issue.
There are a dozen or so other references in this document, a couple of books
and the rest journal articles, and it is only this one that has the problem.

  If I can't fix it I'll just drop this one reference; the other two
certainly support the point I'm making.



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