On Thu, 8 Feb 2018, Paul A. Rubin wrote:

On my system, at least, the JabRef toolbar button just pushes the \cite{}
command into the LyX document at the current cursor location.


  Same here. Exporting to LaTeX(pdflatex) has this line:

  There's no .bib file exported with the .tex file.

 I still have to set up the BibTeX bibliography in the LyX document as
usual. The problem isn't with the citation, it's with the bibliography
entry. Assuming you are indeed using bibtex and not biblatex, it sounds as
if thek .bib file somehow got generated using biblatex syntax (or a mix?).

  Documents -> Settings -> Bibliography: Citation style is natbib,
Biblography style is plain, Biblography generation is set to bibtex with no

  At the end of the document the bibliography settings show the correct (and
only) database with authordate4 as the style and the content set to all
cited references.

The only one saying "journaltitle", or the only one that won't publish (meaning there are others with "journaltitle" that are working)?

  Despite JabRef being set to 'bibtex' _all_ journal entries show
'journaltitle' in the Required Fields tab. At one point they all showed

  Regardless, it was only the Helsel2006 entry that barfed, now it's both
2005b and 2006. The 2009 entry, and those of all others have the journal
title in the bibliography listing. This is why none of this makes any sense
to me.

Ah, but you'd be robbing some poor author of a citation (which we academics cherish). ;-)

  Yeah, but he's retired from the USGS now.

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