To the discussion about data format preference:

I am reading all your comments about XML, YAML and other suggested data
formats. And this discussion reminds me something about XML what almost
nobody is remeber about. How many LyX user are working in large team
projects? How often they have to merge text files from different branches?
Have you ever merge XML? I tried - it is horrible work.

I think LyX cannot exist with XML data format without build-in document
merge functionality. If any one is thinking about proffesional usage of LyX.
I saw some discussions about it, but I do not know whether it is in LyX or
not. I do not need this feature yet.

YAML is interesting idea, I saw use of it in one of Python frameworks (I
don't remeber which one). But it stays in nische. I don't see libraries for
YAML under active development right now.

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