Waluyo Adi Siswanto wrote:
I can understand that this behavior is confusing for a new comer that haven't read the tutorial :-). Maybe we should authorize label insertion also for inline formulas and automatically switch to displayed formula if a label is inserted. Maybe with a warning box that explains what LyX did and what the user should do in order to avoid this warning box.

That would be a good idea, if LyX could accommodate new users by
switching to displayed mode and numbered? when inline formula is forced
to have label.

If you change this to a dialog that says the formula must be numbered (and therefore in display mode) to bear a label, and give the user the option to either switch it to display mode or scrap the label, that would make sense to me. There may be a larger question here, though. It seems to me that there are a variety of situations where a menu item won't work and is grayed out (short title and optional argument come to mind). Do the developers want to provide explanations/corrections for all of them? I think (based on list traffic) the optional argument one is a more common problem than labels in inline math insets.


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