Christopher Stowasser wrote:
Ok, now it works perfectly! Thanks you two. Its so much text to read in this
help guides...

Yes, true. People---especially Uwe---have put a lot of work into those guides. Much of what's in them you probably don't need to know, so I usually recommend that people read the Tutorial fairly closely, and then read the User's Guide quickly, just skimming parts that don't really interest them. The other manuals contain tons of useful information---but not for everyone, since they're more specialized. I've never read the Embedded Objects manual, for example, since it basically doesn't apply to me. Remember too that you can use the Navigate menu, or open the Outline, to see a table of contents and decide what you might want to read. Oh, and that you can View>PDF and then print the manuals so you don't have to read them at your computer.


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