Bob Lounsbury wrote:
On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 2:10 AM, Christopher Stowasser
I admit, that my last sentence is very confusing. Just forget about it. What
I meant was: If I put the cursor before or behind the math box, i.e in the
normal text, I can use the label function. As soon as I put the cursor in
the math box  the label function is inactive.  Therefore I cannot label the
equation in the math box.  As long as I cannot asign a label to the equation
it makes no sense to look at the pdf I guess.

It sounds as if you have a problem with the installation of LyX. This
is obviously not normal behavior. I would trying reinstalling LyX. It
may help developer's to know what platform you are using and what
version of LyX. You may also need to file a bug report if reinstalling
doesn't help.

I see it disabled as well, UNLESS the equation is in "display" mode---i.e., centered by itself on a separate line. It is meant to work that way. The reason is that labeled equations are also NUMBERED equations, and the mechanism that's used to do the label isn't available if the equation hasn't been set off.

Perhaps part of the confusion is that what LyX calls "labels" don't normally appear in the text. They're just targets for cross-references. So you can label the equation if you like by putting a label after it. But it won't have a number, and the only cross-reference you'll be able to do will be by page, really.


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