On Tue, 28 Apr 2009 13:05:48 +0200
Kosta Welke <ko...@fillibach.de> wrote:

> Well, I just tried adding some characters that definitely are
> multi-byte (e.g. ค from the thai alphabet) to a test bibtex file. It
> "worked" with XeTeX in the sense that [...] the character was replaced
> by whitespace (just like when the character is not in the alphabet
> you're using).

I just tried adding a chinese character using {\fontspec{Sazanami
Mincho}猫} into the BibTeX and it worked flawlessly. It seems that
BibTeX does not really care what is between the curly braces and just
copies the octets. And as utf8 encodes multibyte characters into the
0x80 and upward space, I don't seem how this can blow in my face. (This
also seems to be the opinion on the XeTeX mailing list)

Here's my example lyx/bib pair:

You might need to replace Sazanami Mincho with a font that you have
actually installed on your system, though.



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