I am trying elyxer under the last version of Lyx (1.6.3) . I have followed
the instructions in the list given by Olivier:

"I managed to get elyxer working by doing the following:

- copy elyxer.py to the script folder ("C:\Program Files\LyX
on my machine,- in Preferences -> Converters, in the LyX -> HTML, modify the
command to be:

python $$s/scripts/elyxer.py $$i $$o"

I have installed the last version (0.29) of the elyxer.py script in the
folder indicated by Olivier and changed Lyx->HTML conversion command as
I have done a reconfigure, just incase.

But, when I do View/HTML or Export/HTML Lyx continues to try to run htlatex.
I am probably missing something but I do not know what :-(

Sorry if I am making a stupid mistake but I would appreciate a lot your help
at this point, since I am just blocked...


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