Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
Thank you for all your help. In fact, I have also put the path to Lyx's
script folder (where elyxer resides) to the path box in the preferences of
Lyx in the same time as the configuration of the Lyx->HTML conversion
command  box. If I read well Olivier's message, there is not any
contradiction between these two boxes. I have also observed that during the
first configuration,  Lyx->HTML command has disappeared from the conversion
options and I had to add it by hand.

I think I remember seeing that once.

I have erased this command and done a reconfigure and here is what I see in
my preferences file (Lyx continues to run latex and htlatex):

Have you tried to reconfigure twice (reconf, quit, restart, reconf, quit, restart) as I explained in my earlier post ?

Concerning the path ( is in the last folder of the path)

\path_prefix "C:/Program Files/LyX16/bin;C:/Program
Files/LyX16/ghostscript/bin;C:/Program Files/LyX16/imagemagick; C:/Program

Mine is:
\path_prefix "C:/Program Files/LyX 1.6.3/bin;c:/program files/miktex 2.7/miktex/bin;C:/Program Files/gs/gs8.64/bin;C:/Program Files/ImageMagick-6.4.5-Q16;C:/Program Files/Ghostgum/gsview;;C:/Program Files/PSPad editor;C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/bin;C:/Program Files/Inkscape;C:/Program Files/LyX 1.6.3/etc/Metafile2eps;C:/Program Files/elyxer"

Concerning the conversion:

\converter "lyx" "html" "python $$s/scripts/ $$i $$o" ""

I have the same line.

And this is the only element about Lyx->HTML conversion

Do you see anything strange in these items? What am I doing wrong?


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