On 08/12/2009 02:21 PM, zweetsmoel wrote:

it always happens when you need the bloody thing ;-)

i urgently need to edit and render my CV with lyx. unfortunately lyx
gives the following error when starting:  symbol lookup error:
src/lyx: undefined symbol: _Z13qFlagLocationPKc

i tried re-installing lyx 1.6.2, re-installing Qt, i even build 1.6.3
from source,... but nothing helps :\  googling did not save my day, so
i'm asking here, because i'm stuck. please.... any suggestions? my
guess this is Qt related, but i have not a single clue how to fix that

running on ubuntu 9.04, with qt 4.5 (i think)

It does seem to have something to do with Qt, but I'm not sure what.

Some people seem to have had better luck with 1.6.1, which you could also try.

Andre, I'm bringing you in, as you're the guru for this kind of thing.


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