On Thursday 13 August 2009 11:34:54 zweetsmoel wrote:

> issue has been resolved! by running: ldd `which lyx` in a shell, i was
> able to see that libQtCore.so.4 was loaded from /usr/local/lib instead
> of /usr/lib, which suggests duplicate and wrong usage of libs.
> deleting two qt-lib files residing at /usr/local/lib actually resolved
> the issue. i must have missed those files when i searched for
> duplicate libs yesterday. and as andre suggested it was indeed a
> system install issue. most important of all, lyx is working again, i
> just checked it. same goes for qt-config and smplayer :)
> you guys are great. thanks a lot.
> regards,
> michael

That's some nice troubleshooting Michael! And all the others who helped you 
get to that point.


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